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World first clinical Trial on HIV wonder drug led by the University of Manchester alongside Kenyatta National Hospital.

February 24th, 2014

manchester uniThe trail has shown very positive results for people with early stage HPV virus. This was tested on patients at the per-cancerous stage of the disease both extreme and mild cases.  The drug is normally taken orally and used after being diagnosed with HIV however these patients applied it directly on the cervix.

The application and treatment was over a period of 2 weeks being applied twice a day. After 1 month there were measurable signs of improvement but the most significant difference came after 3 months.  The results showed a significant positive impact of 92% overall.  From the 23 women with the high grade disease 19 had returned to normal levels. From the 17 women with low grade disease 16 had made significant recoveries.

Although this is a massive breakthrough in treatment of HPV Dr Ian Hampson thinks there is a lot of room for improvement and optimisation.